Warcraft II

Warcraft II 2.02

Warcraft II is another master piece of the strategical Saga by Blizzard
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Blizzard Entertainment

After destroying the mystical door in Azeroth, Humans discover a remaining gap that lets the Orcs enter their world. Human forces must travel beyond the Dark Portal, into Orcish lands, so as to get rid of the menace of another hordes' invasion.

Warcraft II, Tides of Darkness is another master piece of the strategical Warcraft Saga developed by Blizzard Entertainment. This fully addictive game offers a bunch of new attracting features.

Tactic combat takes place on land, on the sea and in the air. There are independent stories for Orcs' and Humans' campaigns, with 28 different scripts.

The game presents the new "fog War" feature, which increases the strategical challenge since the player needs to enhance visual and exploration tactics.

The game is Multiplayer, modem-supported, allowing eight simultaneous players to compete over the net.

For the delight of Warcraft fans, the game includes new entities -dragons, gryphons, submarines and battleships.

In line with the amazing graphics Blizzard is known for, Warcraft II has SVGA support and incredible tri-dimensional graphics. Besides, its maps editor allows to build customized levels.

Review summary


  • Attractive, very good graphics


  • The AI is not very good
  • It may result boring during some too long episodes at sea
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